Shades of Galleria Mall

A photo-based installation entitled Shades of Galleria Mall was on display at Galleria Mall in January 2016 as part of Long Winter. Photographs of the mall were on display alongside posters from the Galleria Colour Identification System (GCIS), a matching system developed by Shari Kasman that reflects the mall's aesthetics. Colours in the matching system include shades of Galleria Green, Galleria Brown, and Galleria Gold. There were a total of 20 photographs and 40 posters in the installation. A selection of them are here: 

From these posters, Shari created Shades of Galleria Mall: Miniature Mobiles. They're currently on display at the Northern Beaver Gallery, a mobile gallery inside of a vending machine. In May and June 2016, the gallery was located inside of Galleria Mall

Details on the postcards and posters for Galleria Mall are on the And So On And So On website. 

Green Your Home
This installation was inside of a garage near Trinity-Bellwoods Park for Alley Jaunt in 2007. I created a room containing home furniture, accessories, and housewares, all covered in prints of authentic Toronto grass. 


Urban Animal Outfitters
This installation was created with Kimberley England. It took place in a garage on a laneway during a weekend of installations for Alley Jaunt in 2006. We created a store filled with sculpted animals along with clothing and accessories that would fill their everyday needs. Some of my urban animal models and their clothing that appeared in the store are here: