Public Works


Sidewalk Banners in Bloordale

New illustrations are on sidewalk banners in Toronto's Bloordale neighbourhood. There are ten banners featuring two pictures on Bloor Street West between Dufferin Street and St. Clarens Avenue. Here are some examples: 

Future Construction Hoarding Opportunity

Being an artist on the roster for The PATCH Project allows for an opportunity to show work around construction sites. Future hoarding could display my illustrations of Toronto buildings to fill the void in the neighbourhood throughout the duration of the construction. These images will bring vibrant life to the streets. Illustrations can be done with buildings specific to any of Toronto's neighbourhoods. 

Fence Improvement at Dundas West Fest

As part of the Dundas West Fest in June 2018, I created a design on temporary fencing at the corner of St Clarens Ave and Dundas.

Construction Hoarding Photocollage

I created a photocollage that surrounds a construction site in the Yonge and Eglinton area at Soudan between Dunfield and Lillian Street. It's here on this map. The photos in this exhibit are from the series entitled The Other Side (see below). My work will be on display until the completion of the Lillian Park project. There's a related article on BlogTO. Installed April 2018.

The Department

In 2015 Shari invented the fictitious Department of Good Public Works and appointed herself as Head Chief, Executive Director. The aim was to improve the public realm through art projects and/or community engagement. The department spearheaded the Public Fact Collection Program, Fence Improvement Initiative, Railing Enhancement Program, and Space Improvement Signage Program. To clarify: this department is fictitious and has no affiliation to any other group or organization. Shari is the sole member of this department. 


Fence Improvement Initiative 

This project improves fences by weaving and stitching/embroidering. Below is a selection of the good works. Some are in Toronto, others are in Brooklyn. 

Railing Enhancement Project

This was a 2016 effort to use weaving techniques to enhance the railing of a bridge. 

Public Fact Collection Program 

From Nov 2015 until spring of 2017, the Fact Box periodically collected facts from those who had facts to offer. At the outset, people were asked to swap books for facts. Later, the box became the Official Fact Collection Depot thanks to the Department for Good Public Works. The hope was for the community to contribute to creating a book of knowledge. Now, the facts are now being compiled to form a Fact Book — an important resource thanks to anonymous contributors. All facts will be checked for the sake of accuracy. Additional details about the Fact Box can be found in this Torontoist article.

Below is some photo evidence. More photos can be found here and here.

Space Improvement Signage Program

The aim of Space Improvement Signage is to improve public space through the use of signage. This was implemented in 2016.

The first batch of signs dealt with feeding pigeons. Folks might think that feeding pigeons is a kind gesture or good way to offload food scraps, but really, it leads to over-breeding and an overabundance of pigeon poop. Remember: city pigeons are capable of sustaining themselves. Feral pigeons eat spiders, insects, and food scraps, so they don't need extra breadcrumbs. We've assessed the city and identified key problem areas where folks fed pigeons multiple times daily, where people left noodle soup and entire sandwiches for pigeons. Signs were posted signs in those spots.

Below are examples of pigeon problem areas and signs placed in and around those locations.