Article for about the Galleria and related photography.


Galleria Mall book and related photo exhibit mentioned in the Toronto Star in an article entitled Are Shopping Malls Making a Comeback?

The Galleria Mall photo essay named one of the most popular in Toronto Life in 2018.

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A photo essay in Toronto Life online includes photographs from my book on Galleria Mall.

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On CityTV, talking about Galleria Mall

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An article in NOW Magazine during the Kickstarter campaign for the Galleria Mall book.

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An article in BlogTO about the Galleria Mall book.

An article in BlogTO called Toronto Construction Sites Are Getting an Artistic Makeover features my photocollage at Lillian Park

An article in NOW Magazine about the parking-themed Jane's Walk in the vicinity of Galleria Mall

The Jane’s Walk A Time Travel Adventure at Galleria Mall! named one of the best in NOW Magazine. Details of the walk are online here.

An article in Metro News about the Jane's Walk I led from Galleria Mall to Dufferin Mall