Shari's vibrant energy makes her well-suited to entertainment. She has performed in a number of live shows and meet and greets for children across Canada, from the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) in Vancouver, to Mile One Stadium in St. John's, Newfoundland. She mostly played the role of a male 3-year-old rabbit in stage productions of Max & Ruby. She also performed in stage shows as various other characters, including Marigold in Polka Dot Door and Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents.

In 2015 Shari led a Jane's Walk that went from one Toronto shopping mall to another. It was a lot of fun! Metro News thought it was one of the five most interesting walks, and I think they were right! They wrote about Shari and shopping malls in the newspaper that week! Torontoist and other important people thought it would be an interesting walk, too!

Shari led another Jane's Walk in 2016. This one was a Time Travel Adventure at Galleria Mall! She took time travellers back to 1972 then we went to the future! It was a highly anticipated walk. Also in 2016, Shari also took part in Denise Pinto's Jane's Walk about Little Libraries. Shari talked about her Fact Box.  

In 2017 Shari led yet another Jane's Walk. This one was also related to Galleria Mall. It was a parking-themed walk entitled Parking Lots & Parking Spots: Galleria Mall & Beyond. NOW Magazine did a write-up of the event. She also co-led a walk with Denise Pinto. It was an experimental storytelling walk: Here's the Things: A Creative Writing Walk in the Dovercourt Park area. 

Shari has made some little videos. You can watch them on her YouTube channel.  Some people think the videos are funny. Others think they're not funny at all.