An Assortment  

As a multidisciplinary artist, my work has taken a variety of forms.

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Cyanotype Pictures

A selection of pictures made using the 19th century cyanotype photographic process.


Photographs from a series entitled The Other Side appeared the Gladstone Hotel for Grow Op 2016, an annual environmental-themed exhibition of art and design. Photos from this same series serve as the basis of the photocollage that surrounds the construction site at Lillian Park.


Toronto facades, ink and marker on paper, 2018.
These images are currently options for future boards around a construction site.
Click on the images to see them in a larger size.

Analog: Photos

One favourite camera is the Rollei 35S, purchased in Mexico City in 2015. These pictures are here thanks to that camera as well as the Smena 8M. 

Analog: Moving Picture

A tiny film, Forward Motion, has distribution through CFMDC. It's a film shot on Super 8 and hand-processed, created during a residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point in 2015. 


Some work has been in two dimensions, including Carrier Pigeons. These collages are made entirely from envelopes. 

Three Dimensions

Some work has been in three dimensions. Shades of Galleria Mall: Miniature Mobiles are on display at the Northern Beaver Gallery, a mobile gallery inside of a vending machine. In May and June 2016, the gallery was located inside of Galleria Mall


A photo-based installation was at Galleria Mall in January 2015 for Long Winter Galleria Mall. This installation was up just for the night, up and down a very long hallway and around the corner. There were a total of twenty photographs and forty posters in the installation. 

Green Your Home was an installation in which I covered all home furnishings and accessories with prints of local grass. This was featured at Alley Jaunt

For an installation called Urban Animal Outfitters, there were handmade animals modelling in handmade clothes. This was a collaboration with Kimberley England that was also featured at Alley Jaunt. Shari's work included squirrels and a raccoon wearing fashionable clothing.