Shari Kasman is in charge of And So On And So On
And So On And So On is the home for some of her projects, including work related to Galleria Mall.
All things related to And So On And So On are available for sale on this Etsy page

Miniature Mobiles: Shades of Galleria Mall. These tiny mobiles have been constructed out of paper in colours from the Galleria Colour Identification System (GCIS). The colours included in this system are shades of Galleria Green, Galleria Brown, and Galleria Gold, all of which are crucial in creating the mall's ambiance. These mobiles have been created specifically for the Northern Beaver Gallery, a vending machine that contains plastic capsules filled with art curated by Rebecca Houston. Due to the nature of the gallery, it appears in various locations around Toronto. The gallery is currently across from Planet Fitness at Galleria Mall (1245 Dupont St.). It will be there for one month: from early May until early June 2016.

Limited edition Galleria Green 1245 posters are now available for sale. Collect them all! There are four posters currently available: Galleria Green 1245 A1, Galleria Green 1245 A2, Galleria Green 1245 A3, Galleria Green 1245 A4. Pick them up at Art Metropole or TOWN.

Postcards of Galleria Mall and Bloordale Village are available online as well as at: 
* Art Metropole (1490 Dundas W, east of Dufferin)
TOWN (1187 Bloor St. W, east of Brock)

Bloordale postcards are available at:
Ransack the Universe (1207 Bloor St. W, west of Brock)
* Odd Finds General Store (1178 Bloor St. W, east of Brock)
TOWN (1187 Bloor St. W, east of Brock)

Photographs of the mall and posters depicting the mall's colours were on display as an art installation at the mall.

And So On And So On is also running the Good Mail Generating Program! This program normally offers a postcard-writing service, but it's on hold and will be back soon. It's currently limited to postcards that feature Galleria Mall or Bloordale Village.